Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Taco Truck

Praise the lord! I have found THE taco truck. My taco truck. I thought I had found THE taco truck a long time ago, but last week I found another truck that just blew the previous one out of the water. This lovely truck is located in a Japanese auto shop. Awesome. Combines my loves in live-Japanese stuff and street food.

Hello there!!! I love Pastor tacos aka BBQ pork! Whenever I see it, I always have to order it. El Taquito in Pasadena knocks it out of the park though. I also like trying their beef head and beef tongue. But wait!!!! Pineapple water!!!! Yeah you heard right. Pineapple water, not pineapple juice. De-freaking-licious!!! 
*Drool. Did I mention that it's open on weekends until 3 AM?

Happy Eatings!

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  1. There is a hole in the wall mexican place that has awesome tacos on canoga and roscoe - must try :)