Thursday, December 30, 2010

Preview of Singapore

Singapore was lots of fun because there's literally nothing to do there aside from eating! That's exactly how I like my trips. No history, minimal sightseeing, & lots of food, then more food, followed by more food. Here's a preview of what's to come because seriously it's going to take a very long time to blog everything I ate. 

These pictures are courtesy of my sister and her self-proclaimed amazing picture taking skills. There were also a multitude of emotions we got to experience on our 3 night, 2 day trip to Singapore such as...  
Sadness & anticipation  
and get the fuck outta my way. I wanna stab you for this amazing food!

Happy Eatings!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas From Hong Kong!

Merry Christmas from my Christmas Tree! 
My present to you is this amazing swirl of green tea & hokkiado milk soft serve from Japan. *Drool* I'm in love. My teeth were chattering from it being so cold but that didn't stop me from finishing this cup of amazingness!

Happy Eatings!
I'm off to Singapore the next 2 days! Chinese, Malay, Indian, Singaporean fusion greatness to come!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fast Food Way Better Than McDonald's

Hong Kong is usually a place of excellent customer service everywhere & friendly people... until you go to fast food places that are super cheap. Then the crowd that goes to eat there is you get what you pay for status.
 太興 is amazing. It's cheap like McDonald's style and has set lunches that are delicious. This is my must come to spot in Hong Kong each time I'm here, which is why there are multiple posts on it. 
But before we start eating, we had to clean our own utensils. I mean technically they are "cleaned" already, but let's just be safe right?
 Look at how delicious this BBQ pork is!!! Amazing! 
 And they also have the best milk tea in HK. They win awards all the time. I love how the ice the milk tea by placing it inside the bowl so it doesn't dilute the drink. Genius! 

Happy Eatings!
Cheers to Fast Food! 

Friday, December 24, 2010

How My Sister Spent $900 HK

We all have our things that we splurge on, but this is what my sister did with $900 HK dollars... that's basically about $100 US. She spent it on macarons from France & then proceeded to take over 100 pictures of them in different poses.  

She got citron, raspberry, rose ginger, praline, pistachio, and salted caramel flavors at he Joyce boutique in Central. The pop-up shop is only open until the end of December. 

She's very happy abut her purchase. You can view her 100 pictures on her blog or you can go and spend your own $900 HK. 
Happy Eatings!

A Meal that is Painful to Eat

Sichuan food aka 四川菜 or Szechwan as they spell it in L.A., is always fun to eat once in a while. Mainly because it lights your mouth on fiyahhhhhhh! It's actually a different type of spicy. Sichuan food has a "tingly, numbing" 麻 spicy taste in the mouth. There's also a lot of garlic,chili, ginger, and pickling of other spicy herbs involved. Enter Yu Sichuan, a place I've blogged about before. This time though, we got some new dishes. 
 Thinly sliced pork covered in chili. I'm pretty good at eating spicy but I had to try my best to wipe off the chili but even then it was still spicy. 
 Here was our  vegetarian sampler, with wood ear (a fungus), braised eggplant, and cucumber. Yum! But damn, spicy!!
 Our spicy bean sprouts! Koreans would love this! 
 Spicy cold chicken. My mouth was on fire!
 Here was our order of mild dan dan noodles. Of course even mild at this place was the equivalent of burning your insides. 
 Here was the only non spicy thing they had. Salt & peppered pork intestine soup with noodles. This was yummy. Too bad after awhile everything started to taste spicy. I ended up dunking everything else in this soup trying to wash off the chili. It didn't help much though. 
 My sister & I both ordered 2 drinks each and that still wasn't enough. 
Look at all that chili & oil floating on the surface. This place does not mess around!

Our meal was quite delicious though despite the fact our mouths were on fire. My sister had tears in her eyes & couldn't feel her tongue the rest of the night!

If you are brave enough, go check it out!
Happy Burning & Happy Eatings! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Molecular Food at Bo Innovation

Molecular Xiao Long Bao. That's what my sister told me about before we stepped into Bo Innovation. She says they use some sort of chemical blah blah... and it has a michellin star. As long as it's supposed to be good I'm fine with wherever we go. I was greeted with this crazy man's mosaic of himself. I mean who the hell does that? I loved it. It's totally something I would do! Hmmm... then I thought to myself, why does he look so familiar? A chinese version of the amazing Japanese comedian Hard Gay.  And then I remembered seeing the guy on Anthony Bourdain's show. 

Picture of the kitchen & the crazy "Demon Chef" as he calls himself. 
Even the place settings were nice & fancy. I remember this place being very expensive on the show so I never thought I'd be able to eat here without crying, but apparently they have set lunches that are pretty affordable. The service was too attentive though. They gave all the women purse hangers blinged out with rhinestones to hang your purses. I would have preferred that they subtracted that cost from my bill and I hold onto my own purse. 

Black truffle changfen was amazing!!!! SO freaking good! I wish the whole plate was filled with these!
Here's the famous molecular xiao long bao we were waiting for. It's a ball of flavor explosion in your mouth. It looks nothing like a xiao long bao, but when you put it in your mouth, the flavor of it just explodes and you think you're eating a real bao. There's even ginger infused in it. See the red string?
 Spring roll filled with chicken, bamboo shoots, and pesto. It was good but I like my Vietnamese egg rolls more. Still was very delicious on an empty stomach though!

Here was our ha gow aka shrimp dumpling with black truffle. 
cod ball with morel  & extra virgin olive oil 
Salt & Peppered cuttlefish ball with lime sauce. 

Here was my momma's slow-cooked suckling pig, with Chinese vinegar and egg.

Here was my awesome "langoustine with preserved duck egg, English mustard, and cauliflower risotto." Can you say Yum? 
Here was my sister's "French quail 'beggar style' with Chinese lentil and wolfberry chutney."  
Here was their westernized version of yang chow fried rice. It was a nice change to the typical chinese fried rice besides I was still hungry. Going to fancy places always means they give you itty bitty things of food. I have a stomach of an animal so I need to be fed. 
I was so pleased with my meal since everything was so tasty I just couldn't wait for dessert. Too bad the demon finally showed up because this dessert sucked majorly. This was a strawberry bread cake that needed to go back to hell. Awful. I left mine in tact with just one bite out of it. That says a lot considering I live for desserts. Fail! 

Is molecular gastronomy your cup of tea?
Happy Eatings!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dim Sum I Can Actually Enjoy

I'm Cantonese so it's in my blood that I should automatically love dim sum and should flock there every weekend with my whole family. Wrong... I'm sick of dim sum because its the same thing all the time. I do make an exception for expensive dimsum. There's certain "high-class" dimsum places in the San Gabriel Valley that I like but even with those, it's fine once in awhile but my friends are obsessed and expect me to take them dimsuming all the time. In Hong Kong though, I love going dimsuming at Jasmine in the Festival Walk Mall. Get off at  Kowloon Tong and get up a gazillon flights of stairs and be prepared to be satisfied. 

 Rose mocktail drink
 Here was our steamed turnip cake
 This was the reason why we came! Roast suckling piglet! Yum! It's a baby pig so you can even eat the bones-softshell crab style! Chomp away! 

 Baked Cha siu pastry! Now this, you can't find in the States! I personally hate Cha siu/BBQ pork buns because they just look so unappetizing but baked is a completely different story. 
 Filet mignon and fried garlic slices- another one of my favorite dishes!! It's so good here!!! Yum!!!! Nom, nom! 
 Here is my other favorite. I ordered 2 orders of this just for me! Cold eggplant dosed in Japanese sesame sauce. *drool*
And here's my mom's favorite multi layered sponge cake! This one was pumpkin flavored though! 

Are you drooling yet?
Happy Eatings!
Nom, Nom! 

My Very Japanese Day in Hong Kong

I love Hong Kong and Hong Kong loves all things Japanese. Therefore I love all things Japanese! I was pleasantly surprised when one of my favorite Japanesey store City Super aded a sweet potato stand! All my favorite things in one place-awesome!
 It's much more expensive than your usual sweet potato off the street from street vendors. These yellow & purple sweet potatoes are shipped straight from the Big-J to Hong Kong for my eating pleasure. I bought 3 home and it cost over $100 HK! Yikes!
 Here's the little grill they used. The yellow sweet potato was moist and delicious. The purple one had a drier texture. I definitely preferred the yellow one. 
 These are my favorite Japanese pastries! Obanyaki!!! I love the black sesame flavor but you can get it in red bean, custard, or green bean. 
 And I had Japanese for lunch too! Lunch sets are pretty reasonable. This set was $100 HK about $15 US or so. It even comes with dessert. The sashimi here is flown in from Japan. The restaurant is pretty expensive during dinner hours. 
This picture is courtesy of my sister and her awesome new dslr camera. 

Milk flavored ice cream!

I ended up dusting my lunch set, some of my aunt's and my mom's. I may be small but I have a bottomless stomach. 
Happy Eatings!