Wednesday, June 29, 2011


SML-stands for small, medium, or large and that's exactly the choice you have to make when you order a dish here. It's located in Times Square on the 6th floor. Extraordinary food? Eh, it's not bad, but it's also not the most amazing food I've ever had. It is, however a nice place to meet up with friends that gives you a wide array of Western/fusion dishes to choose from. 

steak pieces with tartar sauce and fries
fried toast with truffles

Unfortunately, I get off work at 10pm and the last order for the kitchen is 10:30. I didn't make the cutoff so I had my dishes ordered for me before I even got there. Not bad though!

Worth trying out though!

Happy Eatings!
I'll off to Yunnan, China tomorrow so more food to come. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hot Pot-All Day & Everyday

Is there a too hot for hot pot? I guess not because summer weather aside, I had agreed to go hot potting. Definitely not one of my brightest moments in life but hey, why not? Honestly though, this was a typical Chinese hot pot place in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. I wasn't too impressed. I really like Mongolian style or Taiwanese style hot pot or shabu shabu. This one was ehhh... Made my stomach say yes, thanks a lot I'm full, but didn't make me drool for more. 
Pipping hot!
fish balls

raw oysters

Close up of them. This was pretty good but it made me miss the ones I usually get at one of my favorite Cajun joints back home.
Say hello to our fatty beef. 
Beef balls, etc. 
veggie dumplings
raw abalone.

So as of right now, the items not safe to eat in Hong Kong for the summer are tapioca balls, syrup drinks such as the ones used in fruit drinks, and sashimi from Japan-all of which I've had already. I choose to test my luck. I've already decided that my death will be death from choking on boba or death by blowfish. I prefer the latter. Other than that, I have a pretty iron stomach. I think this may call for a Vietnam trip soon. Maybe I can squeeze some time in for that. Next week, I'm making a trip to Yunan. Can't wait to eat! It'll be fun since that's somewhere I've never gone. Thank you for free trips.

Happy Eatings!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day, say what?

Father's Day... whatever. Doesn't really matter. Do you really need an occasion to eat?
 Our fancy menu for the night
 big ass wintermelon soup
 Why... hello there!
 It all came outta this baby.
 It came with extra wintermelon "meat" to put inside your soup. I guess we were trying to jump on the save the sharks bandwagon since it was replaced by this soup instead. 
 Sea bass pudding? I need help with making my English translations more appetizing sounding but this was good I promise!

HOA YIP fan aka amazing rice stuffed inside this leavey thing. 
GU LO YOK aka where Panda Express's Orange Chicken came from.
Blah. I don't like these veggies. I only do Tawiwanese or Thai, Singapore, or Malaysian veggies. 

What did you have for Father's Day?
Happy Eatings from Hong Kong!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Steak Dinner Post

I'm in Hong Kong A LOT so I usually eat a lot of Chinese food or well fusion food but don't you ever just get a tad bit tired of all the Asian food and want some steak? Hello, Steakhouse in the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Okay, so here's the thing. The place was dark as hell. It's part of the ambiance you say. Uh yeah... but I'd also like to see where I'm walking. It's also relatively small. Unfortunately, money cannot buy you class or manners. There were some "visitors" at the table next to us that had an issue. I'll skip out on that part. Cheers to my new favorite type of fries-duck fat fries. 

 Garlic Bread 
 King Crab Legs
 French onion soup
 Steak, steak, and more steak
 I shared with my fam, so I just had whatever they ordered but usually I get my steaks medium rare. When I'm in a good and adventurous mood, I'll get it raw. Yup, why not turn everything into sashimi?
 A ha! The famous duck fat fries! McDonalds needs to catch onto this trend. Quack!
Our veggies.

You can find it at 2/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai. By the way, the bathrooms are pretty bomb. You have toiletries in each stall. I'm strangely fascinated by bathrooms for all those that think I'm really weird.

Happy Eatings!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Black Sesame French Toast?

So while I was at Anytime in Causeway Bay, I noticed an item I never paid attention to before on the menu. Deep fried french toast with black sesame paste! Sounded good... and different.

Little did I know that this french toast was topped with butter and served with maple syrup. Yes!!! How American of them! Sugar, sugar, sugar. Love it!

Happy Eatings!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm a Dimsum Snob

Sure, I like the typical har gow (shrimp dumpling) and siu ma (pork dumpling) but seriously? When you're actually Cantonese, the typical dishes just don't cut it anymore. So yeah you pay more for a nice view, but you get some pretty good food that isn't at the typical dimsum places where you gotta outrun the other table for the food. Don't get me wrong those are fun times as well but sometimes you just want some relaxing dimsum.
 veggie and pork dumpling. 
 A pork potpie type of thing. 
 shanjianbao. I guess it would be translated to panfried dumplings?
 It's for your hands. Don't drink it fools. 
 sticky rice with red bean. 
 salt & peppered sardines.

 goose drumstick. Too big to eat so we sent it back to get it cut.
 xo changfen. Yummy flour pasta like thing I guess is the best way to describe it to non-Chinese. 
 Yay finally edible. 
 Quails. My sister's fav. I personally think they are more time than they are worth. 
 the sauce for the quail.
 This is the point where my aunt reached over and asked if I've ever had quail head. Uh no? Chinese people have this whole thing from Mencius where if you eat a certain body part of an animal your body part will benefit from that. I.e. eat quail brain, you get smarter, etc. So I thought hmm.. sure let's do it anyways. 
 Why, hello little brain. How are you? Is this where I'm supposed to bite?
 I guess I should eat around the neck too. I mean if I were being eaten, I would appreciate if the eater ate all of me and not just an arm or a leg right?
 "pao fan" not exactly the same as congee or okay. It's a bit thicker. 
 xo spicy sauce. 
Baked mini pineapple bread stuffed with bbq pork. They make it good here. 

 See the inside?
 BBQ pork

Welcome to what was my first meal of four that day.
Happy Eatings!
This was Dynasty at 22 Salisbury Road, Hong Kong.