Wednesday, June 29, 2011


SML-stands for small, medium, or large and that's exactly the choice you have to make when you order a dish here. It's located in Times Square on the 6th floor. Extraordinary food? Eh, it's not bad, but it's also not the most amazing food I've ever had. It is, however a nice place to meet up with friends that gives you a wide array of Western/fusion dishes to choose from. 

steak pieces with tartar sauce and fries
fried toast with truffles

Unfortunately, I get off work at 10pm and the last order for the kitchen is 10:30. I didn't make the cutoff so I had my dishes ordered for me before I even got there. Not bad though!

Worth trying out though!

Happy Eatings!
I'll off to Yunnan, China tomorrow so more food to come. 

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  1. that looks soooo good!!!!
    why don't they have pretty french looking toast like that here?
    and those steak pieces w/fries! (and tartar sauce!) i love tartar sauce - and you are going to think i'm crazy, but McDonald's has the best tartar sauce!