Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Last Meal Before I Die

It's official! I've decided what my last meal before I die will be... SASABUNE! Yes I've mentioned this before! Omakase at SASABUNE!!! Drool! One of my first meals upon returning from Hong Kong was this lovely place. Sushi melting in your mouth. Yum, yum, yum. They also have some awesome signs that tell you they only serve real Japanese food here which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I won't bore you with the details so see here and here for my previous posts on Sasabune! But in short, you give all your trust to the chef and they choose whatever the best sushi of the day is.

That's right. No chicken teriyaki or california rolls or any of that bull shit. Here was the bill. And this was with a coupon! I better hope my family still has some Chinese New Year money they haven't given me yet.

Happy Eatings!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Goodbye HK!

Hello Hungry Eaters! So I know I've been a tad behind on the remainder of my Hong Kong posts but it's time to move on! I'm so excited to post my favorite foods in LA so I'll just post a few more pictures of Hong Kong and then link the rest of my HK food pictures. You can find them here!

King's Palace in Causeway Bay is apparently known for their Cha Chiu, aka BBQ Pork. It's supposed to be exactly like a TV series from TVB. I had never watched that series so I didn't understand the appeal. 
Steamed Pomelo skin! Very interesting and different! 
Steamed Asian Pear!
Coconut Dessert
This is Guilinggao aka turtle jelly. It's one of my mom's faves. Personally it's an no go for me.

Happy Eatings! Next post we return to the US of the A!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Overeating Is NOT Smart

I'm obsessed with Japanese food and Hong Kong has some of the freshest Japanese food flown in daily from Japan. Yum, yum, yum! I particularly love the affordable lunch combos available at Hana Sakazuki in Causeway Bay. It comes out to about $30 or $35 US for all this goodness.
 Salad and eggplant appetizers to start off! 
 Hello, Chirashi. *Drool.....* This is what I live for. 
 Sushi!!! Yes please. I love uni! 
 Steamed egg. It is so soft and melts in your mouth. 

 What is all that rice not enough for you? No worries! They thrown in a bowl of udon. Ah... so full.... At this point I wanted to just slap 2 chairs together and sleep. I was also offered tea or coffee at this point. 
Just when you wanted to roll over dead they brought over some Japanese cheesecake, which is soft and fluffy. It doesn't make you full like American cheesecakes because it's not as rich. When I left this restaurant I was not feeling good. I was so full that I was in a grumpy mood. Overeating is one of the worst feelings in the world. Was it all worth it? Yes... Would I do it again? Yes, probably in another 2 months. Am I stupid? Yes. 

Happy Eatings! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thai Western Food

"Thai Western food? Uh, okay I guess." That was my reaction when my Aunt wanted to know if I wanted to go try Greyhound in the IFC in Central, Hong Kong. It's a hard life for someone who has 5 aunts who feel like they have to take them to delicious, new places each time I'm back in Hong Kong. Who am I kidding... no it's not. I love my life. But what I do not love is [insert Asian food here] and Western food. I mean Asian food is Asian and Western is Western. Unless... it's fusion then I can understand but this place was just Thai and Western. Shrugs I decided to go for it. Who am I turn down a potential delicious meal? Plus, Greyhound is apparently the same place she likes to eat when she vacations in Thailand. 
 Isn't that the PUMA logo with the name of the bus? Not judging...
 Pad Thai! Yum! I usually do not like Pad Thai. Given the choice, I'd choose Pad Se Ew over it. I just think the concept of having sweet noodles is weird. Aunt insisted on getting it and I'm glad she did. SOOOOOOOO good! Even better than the Pad Thais I've had in Thailand!!! We ordered two of these. That's how amazing it was. Did I mention the line for this place was insane? They had two rounds of dinner times and every guest that walked in had a Hermes  Birkin bag. #richpeopleproblems. 
 These were the highlight of my night! Mini fried wings! So good! The skin was delicious!!! Yes, yes, yes! *Cue Herbal Essence commercial here! It might be hard to tell how tiny there are in this picture since I zoomed in but trust me, they were tiny! 
 Yummy spicy rice! So good! It even came with some soup filled with MSG. Love MSG soup usually but this wasn't so special. It's okay I forgive your not up to par MSG soup. 
 This was another spicy beef rice dish we ordered. It was bleh.... 
So by this time I was stuffed. Did I mention I had this dinner with plans to eat dessert with a friend and also right before having a huge lunch with another aunt of mine? I eat a lot, yeah I know. I ordered the mango sticky rice which was okay. At this point I was too full. Apparently this place makes the best chocolate brownies. What the heck right? Next time! I love brownies!

By the way, the best, best, best part of this was the shirts the staff were wearing. They had fun T-shirts with awesome sayings like: 

"Life is short. Can I get you more dessert?"
"I can't speak Thai, but i sure can recommend some delicious Thai dishes!" 

I have a soft spot for funny shirts, especially funny shirts that have to do with food. You should see my collection of Got Pho and random Chinese shirts.

Happy Eatings!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fabulous Multitasking: I Get My Purses & My Food From the Same Place

My random picture taking in Hong Kong. Taken while riding the tram, or as the locals call it the 'Ding, Ding'. Does it even make a Ding Ding sound? I don't really notice.
I'm one of those people that hate when companies venture out and try their hand at random things that don't match their brand image. Take Costco and Kirkland. Kirkland meats, furniture, and tires? What the heck is the butcher man doing brake alignments then going off to and cutting up my chicken on his free time? Seriously... Imagine my shock then when one of my aunts proclaimed that Agnes B. had the best flowers in town. 

Pictures of Agnes B. bouquets from last year's Xmas in Hong Kong from friends and family. They even are delivered with cute mini Agnes B. keychains. 

Okay, okay so I guess they are okay flowers. They are in typical HK style EXTRAvagant and over the top, just like HK is! But wait! That's when I was informed that Agnes B. has ice cream or yogurt. I don't remember what it was. Weird. So do I go in buy a bag while eating their yogurt? Ugh, it gives me the Costco creeps. It's like me getting my tires changed, eating a hot dog, and buying groceries and furniture from the same person who hands you samples at Costco. But wait! This winter when I arrived in HK, my aunt told me they have a cake shop where they serve coffee and drinks too! So, we got a cake and took it home. 
AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! Yummy! So soft and creamy. This chocolate cake tasted like chocolate frosting on crack. I approve. Give me a bag while you're at it!
By the way, did I mention they also apparently make Gingerbread man and woman cookies for the holidays? What is up with this company?

Next thing you know they're gonna make tires too like Costco. Wait...3, 2, 1....

Happy Eatings!

I've been a tad behind on blogging all my food adventures. To see my honorable Hong Kong mentions check out my pictures here.  FYI, those are only pictures. Captions will only be posted here for my faithful foodies.