Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

On this New Year's Eve, I decided to end the last day of the year with some recent sweet tooth eating adventures! I mean what better way to end the year, than with something sweet, right?
This is THE only mango pudding I will eat. I'm usually not a mango pudding type of gal. It's a Hong Kong favorite but usually it takes too creamy. But Dynasty does it right! Nom, nom! 
 Chiu Chow speciality in the Wan Chai wet market!
 The snowy dessert at Honeymoon jam-packed with aloe, dried logon, basil seeds, mango, and banana goodness. 

And the rest were lovely presents from my aunts for my bottomless stomach. I have a section of my stomach dedicated just for desserts. 

Happy New Year! May the new year be more delicious than the last!
Happy Eatings! 

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