Friday, June 11, 2010

2nd to Last Day in Hong Kong

The days and meals are ticking by as I countdown my last delicious days in Hong Kong. I always have to have Japanese food no matter where I go so my Aunt took me to Irigo 2nd floor on Yiu Wah Street across from Times Square! It's a very traditional Japanese restaurant. Some of the servers only speak Japanese. They also have huge TVs with Japanese programming on for all the Japanese patrons that come!

Bean sprouts, mushroom, veggie appetizer, anyone?

Japanese Tomato dipped with mayo.
Baked Japanese Eel!!! A little sticky when you bite, but still deliciously yummy.

My favorite!!! Fatty tuna with green onion hand rolls. If you have good quality fatty tuna, you will actually smile with each bite because it will melt in your mouth. No joke!
Yellowtail head! Yum! You have to sprinkle lemon all over it while it's hot for the best effect!
They ran out of the fattiest cut of tuna so we got the medium cut, which was good but didn't give you the same happy smile effect as the fattiest tuna.
This was a tuna sushi roll with a little sweet sauce inside. This was obviously not a very traditional dish, but still good nonetheless.

Dessert Time:
But that wasn't enough... onto dessert. So we walked over to Times Square to get some Jean Paul Hevin macaroons. At $20 HK a pop, it's more expensive than a lot of other local desserts. This place is known for their chocolate though so I had to give it a try!
The top more purple color macaroon is passionfruit and fig flavor. The bottom 2 are Dark chocolate macaroons. So good!!!! I approve!

The macaroons unfortunately did not fill up my stomach. So off to Honeymoon Dessert at the food court we went for more food!
Longan, mango, basil seeds, banana, coconut all in an ice coconut milk = yummy!
Black sesame and dou fu hua (tofu pudding) dessert!

And then I finally called it a night. Not before having fresh out of the oven bread for a midnight snack though!
Happy Eatings!

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