Thursday, April 1, 2010

How Do You Deal With Jetlaggg?

There are other ways to deal with jetlag other than having 24 hour McDonalds &Subway on call, which is what I usually do but this time I tried to switch it up a bit. Plus, In & Out only opens until 1/2ish so I decided to make a post as an ode to all those other places aside from your typical fast food joints that have been there to help me along the way to get be back on schedule!
Tommy's World Famous Burgers-Thank you for your chili! Thank you for your late night drive thrus! Thank you for your heart attack in a box hot dogs and thank you for your chocolate milk shakes! Though you have not helped me get back on schedule, you have helped me with food coma!
$3-4 will get you a crap load of food from Yoshinoya which is also open til the wee hours in the morning. By the way, their clam chowder is bomb! Who would have known right?
This is the famous Cici's cafe on Ventura. My friend and I were deciding what to eat at 4 AM in the morning. My vote was for the famous The Griddle but Cici's was so much closer that we ended up going there instead. They were quite yummy though. I still can't wait to check out The Griddle and their massive french toast. *drool*
And thank you Sprinkles Cupcakes for being there for me.
And to you Chipotle, for your burrito bowls.
And last but not least... sugar cookies! You all must seriously go out and buy this now. The best cookies you can make in your home from Pillsbury. They are the best sugar cookies ever but they are special edition and only are available when it is a holiday. See the Easter bunnies for Easter? I buy boxes of them each holiday to store up until the next one comes out. Get the Easter edition now or else you'll have to wait until July 4th. Takes only 8 minutes to have the softest melt in your mouth cookies!

I'd also like to give a shout out to my local Mcdonalds, Subway, Arby's, Pho restaurants, and of course the great Get Shaved Truck. Happy Eatings!


  1. Thank you, Sprinkles, for adding 10 pounds to my ass post-wedding.

  2. hey, lady! i have several comments...a) i LOVE cici's! and i love that you're a fellow valley girl. :) b) Cici's is open late night/early morning?? c) tried "More than Waffles" on Ventura this past was delicious if you feel like checking it out d) also tried Yang Chow for the first time in 10 years and i liked it too! have you been? their garlic chicken was yum. e) also found a pretty good korean bbq place (all you can eat there too) up in northridge called Maroo. they have yummy banchan, which is a big requirement for me. i think it's like 16.99 or 19.99 for all you can eat, depending on what you order.

    anyways, saw your "valley" posts and wanted to share my valley finds as well. I'm always looking for yummy places close to my parent's place, rather than driving all the way out to LA. let me know if you know of any vietnamese sandwich places in the val? am always craving it. :) love your posts as usual, chickie!